15 Jun 2008

Deviation - Mixed by Aza

A special hard trance mix paying tribute to azamusic.co.uk.

This mix features special records that were acquired during the early DJ days and used to demonstrate an enthusiastic style of mixing. These tracks have been pieced together over an 80 minute period and seek to deliver an uplifting experience for any Hard Trance fan.

1. Frank Biazzi - Turbulence [Lupp]
2. Organ Donors - 4 Tribes (Original Mix) [Nukleuz]
3. Ace Of Space - 9 is A Classic (Disco Brothers Mix) [Tripoli Trax]
4. Guy MCaffer - Raw 009 [Ripe Analogue Waveforms]
5. Fargo - Can't Control (Shimono Remix) [Clubtraxx Records]
6. Mauro Picotto - Transponder [BXR]
7. Yoji Biomehanika - Hardstyle Disco (Original Mix) [Hellhouse]
8. Global Cee - Burnin (Karan Cold Mix) [Druck]
9. Rob Tissera - Burning (Guyver Remix) [Dreams Corporation]
10. Neo and Barbwire - Burn [Barbwire]
11. Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me (Flash Harry Remix) [Tidy Trax]
12. Pants and Corset feat. Sammi - Wonderland (Original Mix) [White]
13. Lakatta - Sunsational [Purple Eye]
14. Legend B - Lost In Love (Paul Janes Remix) [Bulletproof]
15. Heaven's Cry - Til' Tears Do Us Part (Flash Harry Mix) [Tidy Trax]

Total Time: 78:39 | File Size: 106.1 Mb - MP3 128/320kbps VBR

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