27 May 2008

A Brief History Of Darren Tate - Mixed by Aza

A tribute mix based on the productions of the classically trained musician, trance music producer and DJ, Darren Tate.

Tracklisting inspired by members of JudgeJulesArchive.co.uk.

1. DT8 Project - Sun Is Shining (Down On Me) (Original Mix) [Mondo]
2. Jurgen Vries - Take My Hand (Vocal Mix) [Direction]
3. DT8 Project feat. Andrea Britton - Winter (Max Graham's Sidechain Remix) [Data]
4. DT8 Project - Hold Me Till the End (12 Inch Mix) [Mondo]
5. DT8 feat Roxanne Wilde - Destination (Vocal Mix) [FFRR]
6. Angelic - Stay With Me (Original Mix) [Serious]
7. W.I.P - I Won't Let You Down (Darren Tate's Angelic Remix) [Decode]
8. Orion - See Me Here (Darren Tates Beachcomber Vocal Mix) [Xtra Nova]
9. Jurgen Vries - Wilderness (Instrumental Mix) [Direction]
10. Darren Tate - Venus [Mondo]
11. Darren Tate - Echoes [Mondo]
12. Above & Beyond - Good For Me (Darren Tate Remix) [Anjunabeats]
13. Orion - Eternity (Darren Tate Mix) [Incentive]
14. Jurgen Vries - The Opera Song (Brave New World) [Direction]
15. Darren Tate - Prayer for God (Reaves & Ahorn Remix) [Mondo]
16. Darren Tate - Synergy (Original '99 Mix) [Mondo]
17. Darren Tate - Fall From Grace (Original Mix) [Mondo]
18. Angelic - Can't Keep Me Silent (12 Inch Original) [Serious]
19. KOTA - Waiting (Darren Tate vs. Mike Koglin Mix) [Mondo]
20. Ayu - Audience (Darren Tate Instrumental Mix) [Avex Trax]
21. Darren Tate Vs Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In (Original Mix) [Mondo]
22. Citizen Caned - The Journey (Original 12 Inch) [Serious]

Total Time: 2 hrs 05 mins 36 secs | File Size: 175 Mb - MP3 128/320kbps VBR

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