27 May 2008

Calling Beyond Revisited And Revised

Paying tribute to the first ever mix uploaded to website, Calling Beyond receives a special 'Revisit and Revision'.

Utilising tunes only featured in the original mix or from the same trance era, which have not been featured elsewhere on its site. The 12 special reminiscent tracks featured over the hour do not only aim to provide you with a pleasant reminder of the great tunes gone by, but entertain you in an uplifting style.

1. Motivation - 'Para Mi (Original Mix)' [Definitive]
2. Jurgen Vries - 'The Theme (Original Mix)' [Direction]
3. Warrior- 'If You Want Me (Original Mix)' [Incentive]
4. Fingers Burnt - 'Legoland (Vocal Mix)' [Fingers Burnt]
5. System F - 'Solstice (Original Mix)' [Tsunami]
6. Ralphie B - 'Massive' [Data]
7. Push - 'Strange World (2000 Remake)' [Bonzai]
8. The Clergy - 'The Oboe Song (Green Martian Remix)' [FFRR]
9. Reysan Khan - 'Shi-Du 2000 (V.O.O.D.I. Remix)' [Joof]
10. Aza - 'Spectrum (Live Pioneering Mix: Noff Edit)' [White Label]
11. Miss Shiva - 'Dreams (Cosmic Gate Remix)' [Variation]
12. Altitude - 'Altitude (SHOKK Remix)' [Bonzai]

Total Time: 63:43 | File Size: 89.9 Mb - MP3 160/320kbps VBR

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